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Franou is an electronica singer-songwriter based in Mainz, Germany. Combining electronic and classical music, she creates an unique, atmospheric and melacholic musical style.

She begins to play the piano as a little kid and has always loved Chopin. At the age of 19, she dreams of creating music like synthie pop band AIR and she begins to write her own songs. Since then, she expresses what she feels through her music and writes about finding onself. Her first album is strongly influenced by classical music; her second one rather by alternative rock.

In 2015, she releases her debut album "Lonely Traveller". In 2018, "Shadows of the Past" is released.

"Shadows of the Past" is released in 2018 and soon will be available in several stores.

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"Lonely Traveller", released in 2015, is available on Itunes, CD Baby, Spotify and countless other stores!


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